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About Us

I have organized our office to make it easier for you to work with me.

I do not . . .

. . . have a "volume practice," trying to file as many cases as possible. That would prevent me from giving your case the attention it deserves.

. . . have a large waiting area filled with overstuffed chairs and expensive paintings because that would give me a reason to keep you waiting.

. . . have a huge staff scurrying around from place to place, looking busy all the time. That would make it easy for your file to get lost.

. . . take every case that comes into my office. That would reduce the time available to help people like you who really need me.

I do . . .

. . . handle every case personally. That gives you the benefit of my personal attention. You're never just another file to me, you're a person with needs.

. . . read all of my own faxes and e-mails. That keeps me in the loop at all times.

. . . answer all of my phone calls. That gives you the confidence that you aren't being handed off to someone who doesn't know anything about your case.

. . . use technology as much as possible. That makes me faster and more efficient than would otherwise be possible.

Eric - The Lawyer
Tish - Making It All Work

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"I was very happy with the results and with how easy it was to talk with this team of professionals."

-Jon Donner